What is 3rd Generation Coffee? What Are The Coffee Brewing Methods?


With each passing day, coffee culture takes a more prominent place in our lives, and thus many terms related to the developing coffee culture emerges. One of these terms is 3rd generation coffee making, in other words 3rd wave coffee making. If you want to learn about 3rd generation coffee and related coffee brewing techniques and equipment, continue reading. First, let’s talk about what 1st and 2nd generation coffee making is.

What are 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Coffee?

The 1st wave of coffee started in the 1900s. Purpose is making coffee easily in a short time. In fact, you can consider coffee here a bit like fast food; it is easy to reach, fast, and practical. We would categorize the coffee called granulated coffee as 1st wave of coffee. It would not be wrong to call these coffees a kind of coffee-flavored drink.

The 2nd wave of coffee, which is common today and actually includes coffee chains that everyone knows, emerged in the 1960s. Espresso-based coffees such as mocha, latte, and cappuccino became popular during the 2nd generation coffee movement. Here, coffee beans’ delivery to your table with less processing steps has increased the quality and naturalness of the coffee you drink. Moreover, it can be said that the value of the coffee savored in the 2nd wave of coffee is as important as a conversation with loved ones.

What is 3rd Generation Coffee?

3rd wave coffee making is basically a coffee brewing trend in which coffee acquires more value and quality. In 3rd wave, coffee people ask questions such as, “How do I choose coffee beans that are right for me? How is coffee brewed? What are the coffee brewing equipment?” In this movement, coffee has been regarded as a culture such as wine, music and food culture.

Every stage of coffee making from seed to cup has great significance in the 3rd generation coffee. Every detail from the type of coffee bean to the geography where the coffee is grown as well as the way and period of harvesting, roasting time, the degree of roasting, the brewing methods is paid attention to. Nevertheless, the most important element is brewing. So, what are the most common coffee brewing methods?

What are the 3rd Generation Coffee Brewing Methods?

Brewing method is as crucial as the selection of beans in coffee making because the taste of coffee can differ in each brewing technique. You can choose from coffee brewing methods such as Chemex, V60, Aeropress and Siphon to reveal the flavor of the coffee bean.


Chemex coffee brewing adopts pour-over technique and it is the most well-known of the brewing methods in 3rd wave of coffee. The pour over technique can be summarized as pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. Chemex offers pure, mild coffee, free from the bitter taste of the coffee bean. So, how is the Chemex technique applied?

Double filter paper are laid on the top of the Chemex equipment and hot water is gradually poured into it in wide circular movements. And there you have it! You can just savor your coffee. All you need is 10 grams of medium ground coffee, a glass of hot water and Chemex equipment.


Another brewing technique practicing pour over is the V60. Its difference from Chemex is the filter paper used, the amount of coffee, and its decanter. Make sure that the water is poured into the container in a circular manner while brewing with the V60 coffee equipment. Thus, it is possible to brew a more delicious coffee.


Aeropress is high quality coffee brewing equipment and method designed by Alan Adler, American toy designer, in 2005. This method, unlike the pour over method, enables you to brew your coffee using high pressure. In this respect, coffee brewed with this method tastes close to the espresso.

While coffee is brewed using 9 bar pressure in the espresso machine, it is brewed using 2-3 bars in the Aeropress. Just enjoy easy drinking coffee with intense aroma. You can find the coffee flavor you are looking for using Aeropress. All you need is medium-thick ground coffee and hot water.


Syphon coffee brewing equipment, also known as a” vacuum pot”. It attracts attention with its splendid presentation in 3rd generation coffee making. Although the technique may seem complex, it is actually quite simple: Brewing coffee utilizing increased pressure generated by high temperature.

You can achieve excellent, clear coffee with strong aroma using Syphon. In addition, if you want to have a large amount of coffee, Syphon is the perfect choice with its large pot. If you want to brew delicious coffee using the above coffee brewing methods, get ready for a wonderful adventure of discovery.

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