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You might think you need to show extraordinary effort and spend hours to be stylish and look elegant. But fashion trends are always changing. What’s more is that in recent years, “normcore”, popularized due to being the frequent choice of famous people, prevents you from spending hours in front of the mirror to look stylish. But, what exactly is normcore?

Normcore is more adopted as an attitude rather than a trend. It can be described as a plain, minimal, comfortable, and stylish dressing style. Normcore can be also adapted to all seasons and any kind of environment just with a few tweaks. So, what are the main key parts of this style? How to be stylish effortlessly and comfortably?

Characterize Risk-Free and Essential Choices

The key to normcore is definitely using essential and tasteful pieces as a whole. Like wearing a masculine jacket on a plain white t-shirt. Of course, in order to be able to call it “normcore”, you need to add a little bit of your own taste and characterize your style. For example, wearing a chain around your neck, or boots under your “boyfriend” jeans will complement your stylish and comfortable mood and add a dash of surprise!

Say Hi To “Oversize” Pieces

Although it has been quite popular in recent years, normcore is not actually new. This is why the prominent pieces of this style can differentiate between years. For example, this year’s favorite normcore pieces are oversize suits, t-shirts, and cardigans. For sure, one should always take care while using oversize pieces. If you are wearing one oversize piece, you can prefer more standard fits for other pieces. This will balance your style. Imagine combining a loose shirt with a slim-fit mini skirt, it would help you create a style that is both comfortable and effortless, a.k.a. normcore!

Try Neutral Colors Instead Of Radiant 

Black, gray, white, or any neutral colors are generally preferred in normcore style, instead of flashy or radiant colors. Since the aim here is to achieve a minimal look far from exaggeration, you can mix neutral-colored big pieces with radiant-colored small pieces such as purses, shoes, or belts.  

Always Have One “Star” Piece

One of the easiest ways to normcore is having only one “star” piece. Think of it like this, when you combine cool leather trousers with a shabby t-shirt, obviously the star of your style will be the cool leather trousers. So, you don’t need to add anything more to this combination other than maybe just a few plain bracelets and a nice purse. 

Embrace Natural Hair and Make Up 

If you’re going for an effortless, relaxed, and cool style, you need to create a wholeness. In other words, a minimalist style combined with an intense and exaggerated make-up or a hairstyle that makes you look fresh out of the hairdresser would not be appropriate. You should try to incorporate your natural, wavy hair or a messy bun along with very subtle make-up. That will help you achieve that natural yet elegant look you’re looking for.

Must-Have Pieces For Normcore 

We would like to share some pieces with you which we deem as a “must-have” for everyone who wishes to appear tasteful effortlessly. Try playing around with these pieces and combining them with each other to find your own stylish look:

  • V-neck, deep V-neck, round neck or oversize t-shirts
  • Blazers and leather jacket
  • Loose fit shirts
  • High waist jeans and leggings
  • Loose fit comfortable knitwear
  • Straight cut dresses

You can easily apply these suggestions by trying them out with the pieces in your wardrobe for a stylish look with the comfort of street style.

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