Fortune-Telling: What Is Fortune-telling With Playing Cards? How Is It Done?


Would you like to discover a fun way to learn about your future with playing cards? 

Cartomancy with playing cards, unlike other types of fortune-telling, can be done by yourself for yourself. There are various types of fortune-telling with playing cards. As long as you know the meanings of the cards, you can use any of these methods to do your fortune-telling. If you want to learn about the meanings of the playing cards and how to do fortune-telling with them, keep reading!

What Is Fortune-telling With Playing Cards? 

Using playing cards to do fortune-telling is known to be one of the oldest ways of future reading. It was developed at the beginning of the 14th century after the emergence of card games in Europe and then spread to other locations around the world. 

There are four main symbols in a deck of playing cards; spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. These symbols are connected to 4 main elements respectively, which are fire, water, earth, and air. There are 13 cards for each element. A deck of playing cards contains 52 cards in total, which represents the 52 weeks of the year. So, what do these cards actually mean?

What Do The Symbols Of Playing Cards Mean?

The four main symbols found in a deck of playing cards, which are spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts, represent different elements and have different meanings. The person to do the reading must know the meanings of these cards without a doubt. So, let’s start to discover which symbol belongs to which element, as well as their meanings!

Cards of Spades

The element of spades is air. Cards of spades usually represent competition, bad luck, gossip, disappointments, and secrets. The meanings of each individual symbol are as follows:

  • Ace: Death, sadness or bad news to come
  • Two: Separation and betrayal
  • Three: A third person in a relationship
  • Four: Financial difficulties and worries
  • Five: Pessimists, and depressed people
  • Six: Small developments
  • Seven: Obstacles to success
  • Eight: Anger and misfortune
  • Nine: Illness and accident
  • Ten: Worry and bad news
  • Jack: A jealous and spiteful man
  • Queen: A widowed or divorced woman
  • King: A passionate and loving person

Cards of Diamond

The element of diamonds is earth. They usually mean money, financial situation, and career. The meanings of each individual symbol are as follows: 

  • Ace: Change and secrets
  • Two: Business partnership
  • Three: A legal letter
  • Four: A financial change
  • Five: Happiness and success
  • Six: Problem in relationship
  • Seven: Good news about business or economic situation
  • Eight: Job change
  • Nine: Travel
  • Ten: Improved economic situation
  • Jack: Untrustworthy man
  • Queen: Gossip
  • King: Authority

Cards of Hearts

Water is the element of hearts. They represent love, friendship, happiness, and emotions. Diamonds are also known as cards that bring happiness. The meanings of the symbols can be found below:

  • Ace: Love and happiness
  • Two: A new relationship
  • Three: Love or a bad relationship 
  • Four: Travel
  • Five: Jealousy
  • Six: Luck
  • Seven: Untrustworthy person
  • Eight: An unexpected gift or visit
  • Nine: A wish come true
  • Ten: Good luck and success
  • Jack: A good-hearted friend
  • Queen: A motherly woman
  • King: A compassionate man

Cards of Club

Fire is the element of clubs. They reflect meanings such as career, passion, success, and ambition. Much like the hearts, spades are also usually known as harbingers of success and happiness. The meanings of spades cards are as follows: 

  • Ace: Richness
  • Two: Obstacle to success
  • Three: Success and marriage 
  • Four: Betrayal
  • Five: New friendships 
  • Six: Financial success
  • Seven: Business and success
  • Eight: Jealousy
  • Nine: A happy marriage
  • Ten: Good luck (in terms of money)
  • Jack: Angry young person
  • Queen: A confident woman
  • King: A kind-hearted and generous person

How To Read Playing Cards?

There are many ways to read playing cards, but we will be focusing on a particularly practical one of them. First of all, grab yourself a deck of playing cards that doesn’t contain a Joker card. Then, decide what the purpose of the reading is. Because in this method your purpose will determine how many cards you will be drawing as well. 

For example; 

  • Draw one card, if your purpose is to seek a quick answer to a question,
  • Draw three cards, if you are looking for an answer related to your past, current life, or future, 
  • Draw three cards, regarding your expectations from your family and circle of friends. 

After drawing your cards with a purpose, you can start interpreting them based on the meanings we shared above, or you can get professional tarot fortune-telling via Kaave app.

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