It’s All About Ascendant Sign, Our Social Mask


There are mainly four types of zodiac signs in astrology. These are Sun sign, Moon sign, ascendant sign and descendant sign. When people ask you about your sign they are trying to get to know you, they are normally referring to your Sun sign. Moon sign represents one’s subconscious, emotions and inner world. The descendant sign, on the other hand, defines your relationship with other people.

Learning about your ascendant sign makes you understand how you present yourself to the outer world and how the outer world perceives you. Therefore, ascendant sign becomes the decisive factor in getting to know somebody. What exactly does the rising sign mean, how is it calculated? You can read the rest of the article to explore your ascendant sign and every detail about rising signs.

What is Rising Sign, exactly?

The rising sign is the character one reflects outside, it is much like your clothes. In other words, it shows whom you desire to be, not your actual character. For this reason, the ascendant is also defined as “social mask”.

Astrologically speaking, the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of birth is the rising sign of the person.

How to Calculate Your Rising Sun?

You can learn about your rising sun using the year, day and hour you were born and your place of birth. Use the rising sign calculator for this purpose.

Let’s talk about the traits of the rising signs now.


Aries is ruled by Mars. This allows them to make decisions quickly and without hesitation. Aries usually have an athletic body, they aim to gain power in their life and they like to stand out with their power in society. Their competitive personality and athletic body make them active in sports, dance and art.


Taurus find it hard to reject offers such as breathtaking scenery or a delicious meal. They have apparent interest in luxury, comfort and beauty. They are reliable and honest people. Taurus, who do not like to take risks, approach changes cautiously. They have quite strong habits and they rarely change their opinion about something.


Ascendant Gemini, ruled by Mercury, are known for being quite indecisive. Doing and thinking about the same activities constantly is like being trapped in a nightmare for them because they are eager for changes. They have strong oratory skills. They are competent in expressing their feelings and thoughts. Meeting new people and seeing new places are the activities they enjoy most.


Cancers are sensitive and emotionally reactive. They do their best to protect and watch over the people they love and to make them happy. Cancers who are loyal to their families and traditions feel deeply attached to the past. In addition, you often come across cancers who collect and keep niche things because of their nostalgic nature.


Leos are extroverted, confident and have a friendly nature. Instead of oppressing people who seem weaker than themselves, they help those people seek their rights by protecting them. When Leo rises on the horizon, it is also possible to talk about features such as creativity and artistic skills.


Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. However, the ways in which the two signs express themselves are quite different from each other. Known as the symbol of order and structure, the Virgo Sun sign also reflect these features in the rising Virgo. They are competent in developing methods for order and systematic thoughts in every task they conduct.


Libras’ top priority are the loved ones in their lives because they are thoughtful, sensitive, polite and compatible people. Affection is very important for them – hence friendships are indispensable for Libras. In addition, justice and balance stand out as the features that symbolize them the most.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, one of the smallest but most gravitational planets in the system. Scorpios are deep, determined and mysterious. Since they are patient and resilient they succeed in life. Although Scorpios are emotional like other water signs, they control these traits perfectly.


The three main traits of Sagittarius rising: Being optimistic, being energetic and loving life. Sagittarius rising lives with these traits. In addition, luck is another element that represents Sagittarius because Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is known as the planet of luck in the Zodiac.


Capricorn risings have high self-confidence. They are perfectionist and disciplined and therefore they succeed in life. They have a very rational way of looking at things. They carry out important tasks successfully and fulfill their responsibilities perfectly thanks to their detail oriented and analytical approach.


Aquarius signs are marginal characters in society. They attract attention with different ideas and thoughts. They are also free-spirited people. For this reason, they do not want to be beholden to anybody. They participate in engaged social groups therefore, people claim they are people persons.


Harmony and sensitivity come to mind when the rising sign on the horizon is Pisces. With their romantic nature and fertile imagination, Pisces stand out with their strong intuition. They are generally shy and reserved. You too can learn your rising sign on horizon and discover your social mask and thus you can understand yourself and your immediate circle better.

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