Fortune-Telling: What Is Palmistry? How Is It Practiced?


Do you know that the skin lines on the palm of your hands can be connected to your future? Well, why not! Palmistry believes that you can interpret the skin lines in your palm with certain techniques and read your future. So, what exactly is palmistry? How is it practiced? Keep reading to find out the answers!

What Is Palmistry?

Rooted in ancient Indian astrology, palmistry is a type of fortune-telling that allows you to obtain information about someone you don’t even know by looking at their palms. For sure, there are some specific techniques to be able to practice palmistry. For this reason, you should learn about the meanings of the lines on the palm of your hands, along with the palmistry techniques.

How To Practice Palmistry And Interpret The Lines In Someone’s Palm?

When you look at your hands, you will see that there is more than just one line in your palm. So, what do you think the meanings of these lines are? Let’s discover their meanings before we dive deeper into the methods of Palmistry.

  1. The Line Of Heart

The line of heart extends diagonally from the middle of the index and the middle fingers to the bottom of the palm. It symbolizes the person’s love life. If it is long enough to cover the whole palm from end-to-end, it means that the person has been, or will be, having a platonic love relationship. If the line starts right under the index finger, it is believed that the emotional life of the person will get on the right track. If the line starts at the middle of the index and middle finger, it is believed that the person does not care enough about their love life.

  1. The Line Of Head

The line of head starts at the bottom of the palm and extends towards between the thumb and the index finger. It is believed that this line controls the characteristics and the mind of the person in general. If the line of head is long, it indicates that there will be many crowds, meaning many different cities and people in the person’s life. The depth of this line also shows your ability to memorize as well as the power of your mind.

  1. The Line Of Life

The line of life starts between the thumb and the index finger, intersects with the line of head and then ends. Contrary to common belief, the length of the line of life does not determine the length of the life of a person. Because this line essentially indicates the quality of life.

If this line intersects and merges with the line of head, it shows that the person has a developed sense of belonging and is loyal. If the situation is the opposite, it shows that the person is quite fond of their freedom and they always think individually.

  1. The Line Of Destiny

Although not everyone has it, the line of destiny starts at the bottom of the ring finger. For the ones that have a line of destiny in their palms, it is believed to indicate their reactions when they are in situations where they have no control over. If this line does not extend as a straight line, it means that the person gets angry rather easily and has anger issues. Furthermore, if this line intersects with the line of head, it is interpreted as constantly seeking changes in business life.

  1. The Line Of Marriage

These are the small lines seen under the pinky finger. They are believed to tell you the number of times you will get married. The closer these lines are to the pinky finger, the sooner you will get married in life. If there are bifurcations on this line, it is interpreted as marriage problems and crises.

  1. The Line Of Fame

Not everyone may have the line of fame. It usually extends parallel with the line of destiny and the two are usually recommended to be read together. It generally shows your social life, people’s thoughts about you, and where you stand among crowds.

Now that you learned the lines and their meanings, you can learn how to practice palmistry. You can also leave that to the professionals and get yourself a palm reading via our Kaave app.

How To Choose The Hand For Palmistry?

To answer the question of “How to practice palmistry?”, you must first watch out for the gender of the person in front of you before beginning the palm reading. Because in women, the left hand symbolizes life and characteristics, while the right hand symbolizes destiny.
It is the exact opposite for men. So, depending on the purpose of the palm reading, you should consider their gender before choosing the palm to read. Once you choose the correct hand, you can start interpreting the lines according to their meanings above. Well, these are all the basic information about palmistry and palm reading. You can start practicing basic palmistry by paying attention to these details. We wish you a pleasant time!

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