Treat Yourself Differently This Autumn: What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?


What comes to your mind when you hear “healthy life”? We usually think about having a balanced diet, sports, or feeling good mentally when we hear the term healthy life. However, we often overlook a key issue that has positive impact on health: lymph circulation.

We can say that lymph circulation is a kind of waste collection system of the body, and when it happens correctly, it makes the body healthier and more resistant to diseases. If there is insufficient lymph circulation within the body, problems such as obstruction or destruction of the lymph channels may occur. As a result of this, oedema, also known as swelling, often occurs in the body.

If you or someone you know has been dealing with these problems, you can keep reading to learn about lymphatic drainage massage!

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as lymphatic massage, is a type of massage that helps you get rid of oedema as well as the toxins in your body. The main idea is to make the circulation of lymph, which is a clear fluid that contains white blood cells, easier and faster within the body. As a result of this process, the person feels physical relief. So, how is it done?

How Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Done?

First of all, the lymphatic drainage massage should be done only by a professional in order to fully achieve the desired effects. It can be performed on a person lying down, sitting, or standing. There are also some preparations to be done before the massage:

  • The person to get the massage is guided into breathing (lymphatic breathing) correctly. For this, the hands are put on the stomach while keeping the shoulders steady. Inhale through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. Make sure to rest for a few seconds between breaths.
  • First, the front and backside of the neck is prepared.
  • Then, the lymph nodes in the other parts of the body are prepared.
  • Lastly, the back of the knees is prepared.

After the preparations are done correctly, the massage can begin. The following points should be paid attention to during the massage:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage is performed smoothly and rhythmically, to the extent that it is felt only on the upper layers of the skin. Don’t apply pressure on muscle tissues.
  • Avoid massaging the swollen or infected parts of the body.
  • Make sure the hands of the person are relaxed and unclenched.
  • If there are cancerous areas in the body, do not perform massage on these areas.
  • It is recommended to drink 2-4 glasses of water after each massage session.

What Are The Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very important practice specifically to reduce oedema in the body. Other benefits include;

  • Increases the flowing speed of the lymphatic fluid, and helps to minimize swelling.
  • Helps the body get rid of toxins, bacteria, microbes in your system. Supports the immune system.
  • As a result of the physical relaxation, the person will feel mentally well and relaxed as well.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Good For?

Lymphatic drainage massage can be performed on people with the following conditions:

  • Oedema and swelling in the body
  • Cellulite, and weight problem
  • Acne and various skin problems
  • Constipation and indigestion
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Various skin problems
  • Menopause related problems
  • Premenstrual tension
  • Rheumatism problems
  • Mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and fatigue

Who Is Not Recommended To Get Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended for people with:

  • Heart failure,
  • Coagulation problems and paralysis,
  • Liver problems,
  • Kidney problems,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Diabetes.

If you are curious about lymphatic drainage massage and you want to try it out, first of all, you should decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. If it seems suitable for you, make sure to do your research well and get your massage from professionals only.

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