What Does Moon Sign Mean? What Are Their Features?


There is a lot of terminology and meanings in astrology. While some of them are used rarely, some others are often discussed in social surroundings or social media. For instance, while most people know their sign and ascendant sign very well, they are completely unaware of their moon sign and what it represents. So, what does your moon sign mean? You can discover moon sign and the features of different moon signs by continuing to read.

What Is Moon Sign?

The location of the sun at the moment you were born determines your main zodiac sign, whereas the location of the moon determines your moon sign. Moon sign basically enables the person’s characteristics to be differentiated from other individuals by the choices he/she makes. Furthermore, the way you are perceived by others is also related to your moon sign. So, how to find out your own moon sign?

How to Calculate Your Moon Sign?

Although a table that contains signs that are categorized according to year intervals is used to find one’s moon sign, you can also benefit from modern moon sign calculation tools nowadays as well. For example, you can quickly calculate your moon sign here.

Once you find out your moon sign, its meanings can be also discovered.

Moon Signs and Their Meanings

We are mostly familiar with all main zodiac signs, but how would you like to discover your correspondent moon sign and the meanings they carry?

Aries Moon Sign

The Aries moon signs like to take risks in life. This moon sign represents self-confidence and high courage. They take on the role of leadership in relationships. Being powerless or the feelings of certain fears are the most disturbing feelings for them. In time, they can learn the ability to face their fears. Moreover, they want to accomplish the things they wish with passion. For this reason, they might seem as selfish by others time to time, although they think the others should also try and accomplish their goals with the same passion.

Taurus Moon Sign

The most basic desire of the Taurus moon signs is to bring the natural and comfortable side of life to the forefront. Their feelings are calm and consistent. However, they might create an emotional bond with any object, such as their car or their house. They need to think for a while before making important decisions. They pursuit inner balance and peace throughout their lives.

Gemini Moon Sign

The Gemini moon signs are always hungry and ready to learn. For this reason, they usually prefer having superficial knowledge about many subjects rather than focusing and specializing in a certain subject. Having a childlike curiosity, the Gemini moon sign likes to research and discover. What’s more, they have many practical and constructive solutions for the problems in daily life.

Cancer Moon Sign

The Cancer moon signs build a shell around them in order to hide their intense and sensitive emotional world. Showing their real emotional side only to the people that they truly trust, they are also very protective of the ones they love. Family is a priority for them. Also, they would like to feel valued.

Leo Moon Sign

The Leo moon sign represents charisma and generosity. With warmth and sincerity, they accept themselves along with all their flaws. However, sometimes this ability takes some time to develop. Until they obtain this ability, they prefer to hide their flawed sides from others with great care. They feel satisfaction from being at the center of a conversation or a doing. By nature, the Lion signs have a hard time accepting criticism.

Virgo Moon Sign

The Virgo moon signs especially take great care of their physical appearance, keeping their house tidy and being a clean person. They are detail-oriented and they seek order in every part of their lives. This is why they really want to resolve the issue and bring order when they encounter a kind of chaotic situation. They aim to improve themselves and achieve progress throughout their lives.

Libra Moon Sign

The emotional mood of the Libra moon signs is much more balanced than other moon signs. They constantly feel the need to be just and fair. They can be deeply affected by even the slightest unfairness. For this reason, the Libra moon signs do not see the world as black or white. They are aware that there is also grey in the world. They are also controlled and introverted in emotional relationships because of this.

Scorpio Moon Sign

The Scorpio moon signs fundamentally desire to solve the mystery of events in life, to see the unseen. This is precisely why they always show great effort to dive deeper into what is real. Even though many people are disturbed by the details behind the truth, the Scorpio moon signs are able to face these details much more easily. The passion towards the unknown, the different, rather than what is known by everyone makes them special.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

The Sagittarius moon signs always love to discover and learn to achieve happiness. Approaching life with a rather positive attitude, they usually notice the hidden beauties that are unable to be seen by others. They never shy away from taking risks, in order to achieve what’s better in life.

Capricorn Moon Sign

The biggest driving power for the Capricorn moon signs is to finish what they started. They are systematic, realistic, and natural organizers. Acting in a controlled way is more preferred by them, instead of freely expressing their feelings. This makes them stronger and cold-blooded. It is quite hard to be an important person in their lives. They only open their hearts to people who they deem truly trustworthy and beneficial.

Aquarius Moon Sign

The Aquarius moon signs are able to freely express their opinions without worry. They usually question what is regarded as normal by society and compare them with their own rights. This stems from the desire to be an independent individual. They act as they feel, they do not pretend. They are surprised by extreme emotional reactions, as they are generally cold-blooded and logical.

Pisces Moon Sign

Having emotional characteristics, the Pisces moon signs are true pacifists. On the side, they are on an endless journey to understand the universe and the people in it. They wish to get away from people so that they can find peace because they are overly sensitive towards their environment. They have the ability to pull the motions around them like a magnet, which is why it would be better to stay away from negative people and thoughts for them. Well, now you can find out your moon sign, learn about its characteristics, and embark on a journey to explore your emotional world!

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