How To Do Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling? What Do The Symbols In The Coffee Cup Mean?


The cooking method, drinking ritual, and presentation of Turkish coffee, which adds joy to long conversations, are quite different than other types of coffees. But, there is another aspect of Turkish coffee that shines brighter than all of these characteristics especially an important part of friends meetings or relatives visits; Turkish coffee fortune-telling!

The motivation behind the Turkish coffee fortune-felling is to talk about your worries and troubles, have a heart-to-heart conversation, and satisfy your curiosity about the different things in your life with someone you love. There are unique methods of Turkish coffee fortune-telling. So, if you have been wondering about “How to do Turkish coffee fortune-telling?”, you should keep reading!

Points To Pay Attention In Coffee Fortune-Telling

The first step of Turkish coffee fortune-telling is, without a doubt, cooking and presenting Turkish coffee correctly and deliciously. Once the coffee is enjoyed all the way, the remaining coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup are used for fortune-telling. This is why the amount of coffee you put in the Turkish coffee pot is critical. If you put too much or too little coffee, it will negatively affect the taste and the texture of the coffee. What’s more, fortune-telling will be harder to do if you don’t use the proper amount of coffee. As you can see there are many tips for cooking Turkish coffee correctly. If you want to learn how to cook it the best way, you can read our “An Authentic Method: How To Cook Classical Turkish Coffee? What Do You Need?” article. 

After enjoying your coffee, here’s how to do Turkish coffee fortune-telling step by step: 

  • The first thing to do after drinking your coffee is closing the cup. At this point, the coffee grounds should neither be too hot or too cold. 
  • Use the coffee plate to close the top of the Turkish coffee cup and turn it upside down in one motion. Don’t forget to make a wish while doing so. 
  • After closing the cup, put your thumb on the bottom side of the coffee plate, your index and ring finger on top of the cup. 
  • Keep holding the cup with one hand and turn it around your head three times counterclockwise and let it cool. 
  • For a successful fortune-telling, the shapes and symbols formed by the coffee grounds should remain stable and do not flow or move inside the cup. For this, you should wait for the cup to cool down completely. It is also tradition to put your ring or a coin on top of the cup so that it will cool down more quickly. 
  • After the cup is completely cool, it is ready to be used for fortune-telling. The first thing is to remove the plate on top of the cup. If the plate is stuck on the cup and hard to take off, some people interpret this as that the wish will come true. 

Alright, your cup is ready to tell you about your life! What are the things you should consider when reading the coffee grounds?

How To Do Turkish Coffee Fortune-Telling?

In Turkish coffee fortune-telling, the handle of the cup is your starting point while interpreting the coffee grounds in the cup. The handle should stand at twelve o’clock and starting from there you should continue reading clockwise. Hold the cup upright in your hand, the symbols on the left side are interpreted as bad signs, while the symbols on the right side are as good signs. Furthermore:

  • After the cup is opened, you start reading from the bottom. The bottom part of the cup is known as the heart of the person who made the wish. If there are coffee grounds on the bottom it means distress, if not relief. 
  • If the coffee grounds have dripped a little towards to bottom but not too much, then it means relaxation for the person. 
  • The shapes and symbols that are closer to the bottom of the cup are the prophecies that will come true after a long time. If they are closer to the top of the cup, it means they will come true in a short time. 

Now that you know the steps of Turkish coffee fortune-telling. At this point, in order to be able to truly complete your reading, you must understand the meanings of the shapes and symbols formed by the coffee grounds within the cup. What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn about the meanings of the shapes and symbols!

What Do The Symbols In The Coffee Cup Mean?

In Turkish coffee fortune-telling, there are certain specific meanings of the symbols inside the cup. The person to do the reading must know these meanings very well and focus on fortune-telling. Here are the most commonly seen shapes in Turkish coffee fortune-telling and their meanings:

Seeing Roads In The Cup

Roads are one of the most common symbols in coffee fortune-telling. Seeing a road in a cup marks new beginnings in the most general sense. If the road is long and winding, it means that your wish will come true in a long time. If the road is wide, it means you will not experience events that will change your life in a short time. On the contrary, if the road is narrow it means you will experience events that will change your life in a short time. 

Seeing Animal Shapes In The Cup

Many different animals can appear in your cup. Each of these animals has different meanings. These are as follows;

  • Bird indicates news,
  • Rooster indicates good news,
  • Horse indicates position and reputation, 
  • Fish indicates monetary luck,
  • Butterfly indicates short term happiness,
  • Dog or wolf indicates being rescued from a tight situation,
  • Mouse indicates an untrustworthy person,
  • Monkey indicates hypocrisy,
  • Seeing any predator animal indicates ambition, and evil. 

Seeing Numbers In The Cup

In Turkish coffee fortune-telling, seeing numbers in the cup usually refers to the time period of an event or the number of people in your life. The numbers have their own separate meanings as well. These are as follows:

  • 0 = your expectations will not come true, 
  • 1 = love, 
  • 2 = illness,
  • 3 = success, 
  • 4 = luck in life,
  • 5 = gossip, rumor,
  • 6 = marriage,
  • 7 = a peaceful family life,
  • 8 = conflicts, arguments
  • 9 = new person in your life. 

Seeing Letters In Your Cup

Just like numbers, seeing letters in your cup have different meanings. The most common letters in coffee fortune-telling and their meanings are as follows:

  • Letter A indicates susceptibility,
  • Letter B indicates leadership,
  • Letter C indicates travel,
  • Letter H indicates marriage,
  • Letter P indicates lies,
  • Letter S indicates meeting with new people,
  • Letter V indicates unhappiness. 

Now that you learned about the meanings of the shapes and symbols in Turkish coffee fortune-telling, you can start reading the cup by following the guidelines above. As a last tip, if you are the one who enjoyed the coffee, don’t forget to wash the cup yourself with cold water after the fortune-telling. Because if the coffee grounds come off the cup easily with water, it means that your wish is more likely to come true in a short time.

If you want to just enjoy your Turkish coffee and let professionals read your cup while you continue your conversation with loved ones, you can download Kaave app and get yourself a coffee fortune-telling!

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