What Is An Astrological Birth Chart? How To Read It?


Humans have been using astrology for thousands of years to understand time and the events that occur. This phenomenon, which exists since the ancient civilizations of China, Maya, and South Asia, finds its place in modern life in issues such as making sense of the self, setting a route related to private life or career. 

The astrological birth chart helps people with their life-oriented needs.
So, what exactly is it? Let’s start exploring everything related to the birth chart! 

What Is Birth Chart? 

Astrological birth chart, also known as the star map, gives the positions of the planets at the time of one’s birth on the basis of day and time. In summary, the birth chart is actually a photo of the sky exactly at the moment a person was born. That is why every birth chart is unique. 

Much like there are 12 zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) named after the Zodiac constellations, there are also 12 houses in the birth charts. Along with the Sun and the Moon, these 12 houses refer to the other planets as well. Since the human character is a complex structure, each zodiac sign and each house on the birth chart represents a different feeling, character, area of interest and an aspect of domestic life. Thanks to this, you can gain different perspectives about yourself. 

If you want to learn how to create an astrological birth chart where you can have a deeper idea of your self, keep reading!

How To Create An Astrological Birth Chart?

The birth chart is created by using the sky diaries called (also called “ephemeris”), where the positions of the planets are listed by taking into account the time, day, month and year when the person was born. This means you need to know the exact location, date, and time of your birth. 

The birth chart is in the form of a wheel. It is read in the counterclockwise direction. The “AC” letters on the chart represent your rising horoscope, i.e. your ascendant. This is also the point where you start your birth chart analysis. Of course, these calculations that were done manually in the past can now be done instantly by software. You can start creating your birth chart by using the birth chart calculation tools in this link.

In order to be able to analyze your birth chart, you need to know what those 12 houses we mentioned earlier represent. So, let’s talk about the houses and their meanings. 

What Do The 12 Houses In Birth Chart Represent? 

Each house in the birth chart represents a different aspect of life. Each house has a sign, as well as a planet that rules that sign. 

The First House: Also known as the rising horoscope (ascendant), the first house refers to the way you reflect on the outside and how you are perceived by other people. The planet located in your first home has a high impact on your character and energy. 

The Second House: Represents your financial situation and your passion for making money. This house is also associated with self-confidence. 

The Third House: Symbolizes communication and social relations, this one also has an influence on dialogues within the household. 

The Fourth House: Represents your ethical values and your family. You can learn the basis of your thoughts about family and domestic life from this house. 

The Fifth House: This house is about creativity, pleasure and social relationships. You can also find various tips about the person you like in here. 

The Sixth House: The sixth house tells you about health, personal care and everyday affairs. 

The Seventh House: This is where your way of loving someone is hidden. By looking at this house, you can get an idea of who to connect to, as well as when. 

The Eighth House: This is the house that expresses personal development. You can see your change over time in this house. 

The Ninth House: The ninth house is associated with your passion for adventure, travel and educational status. By looking here, you can find out which areas you can work in and also how to progress in your career. 

The Tenth House: Expresses your influence on people. With this house, you can understand how the things you share and talk about with others have an impact on them. 

The Eleventh House: Symbolizes the friendships and communities established. At the same time, you can explore the depth of the goals that you are struggling with, in his house. 

The Twelfth House: The last and twelfth house expresses the ideals and dreams that you deeply care about. This one tells you how to direct your life by listening to your thoughts and intuition. 

How To Read Your Birth Chart?

After learning the meanings of the houses on the birth chart, you can start reading it by also taking into consideration the seasonal cycles and the perception of day-night. At this point, it becomes important to know whether the map belongs to the night or the day. You can understand this by the location of the sun in the birth chart. If the sun is on the horizon line, somewhere between the first and seventh houses, it means you are looking at a day chart. In the opposite case, then it means you have a night chart. 

The planets of the day chart are the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. The planets of the night chart are Venus, Mars and the Moon. If the day planets appear on the night chart, or the night planets appear on the day chart, this is interpreted by astrologers as a sign of some emotional distress. 

Similarly, the location of the Moon is also important for the chart. You should look at how the Moon is positioned relative to the Sun. After reading the positions of the Moon and the Sun, you can look at the houses on the map along with their meanings and make an interpretation. 

Now you can dive deeper into your self and gain different perspectives with this information that will help you read your birth chart!

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