Fortune-Telling: What Is Astromancy?


The first thing that comes to mind when we say mysticism, spiritualism, and curiosity is fortune-telling, which seeks answers for the sense of mystery and the intuitive events in one’s future. Fortune-telling has various tools and methods in itself, such as tea-leaf reading, coffee grounds reading, tarot reading, or palm reading. So, as a very popular topic to research and wonder about among people who are keen on fortune-telling, what exactly is astromancy? How about we dive deeper into the world of astromancy?

What Is Astromancy?

Ancient Mesopotamian communities believed that stars have an influence on earth. This is why they observed the Sun and the Moon, looking for a connection between human life and the stars. In the end, they found encryption created by the combination of human life and the movements of the planets. This encryption, this belief, has changed over time and took its modern form today.

Astromancy, also known as Astrology, believes that the location and movement of the stars form a sign system, which influences human life. For this reason, astromancy can be used to foresee the different stages of life of a person from birth to death.

Astromancy Can Be Practiced On Whom?

Anyone who wishes can get an astromancy reading from professional fortune-tellers. If you are curious about the turning points in your future, what kind of positive and negative situations you will encounter in life, the important details about your love and family life, then the astromancy might be just what you are looking for!

How To Get Astromancy Reading?

First of all, the date and the time of birth of the person to receive the astromancy reading is noted down, along with their mother’s name. This information is used to prepare their astrological chart. Then, their gematria calculation is done. The meanings that are obtained through the gematria calculation and the person’s astrological chart are combined and then interpreted.

In order to understand better how the astromancy reading is done, one must also learn about gematria calculation. So, what is gematria calculation and how is it done?

What Is Gematria Calculation?

Dating back to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, gematria calculation refers to an alphabetical number system. To explain the number system in gematria calculation simply:

Every letter has a special corresponding number in Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic alphabets. This means that every word, clause, or sentence has a numeric counterpart. Because there is systematical encryption between the letters and the numbers in these types of alphabets. For instance, you can see the number counterparts of some letters in the Arabic alphabet from the table below.


Astromancy deduces meanings via the encryption that is derived from the gematria calculation and interprets these meanings. Because it is believed that the secrets of the world and the mysteries of life can be solved with these interpretations.

During the reading, astrology is also used alongside gematria calculation. The meanings that are deducted from the person’s star chart, also called the natal chart, are just as important.
So, what is the connection between astromancy and star chart?

What Is The Connection Between Astromancy And Star Chart?

Star chart gives you the location of the planets at the moment you were born on a day-and-time basis. Meaning, it is a chart that shows what was going on in the sky at the moment you were born. The 12 constellations in Zodiac (Zodiac signs) is an astrological map that consists of 12 houses and 12 lines. Each house represents a different aspect of life in a star chart. To put it simply, it provides information on many topics such as your health, financial situation, education, social relations, and many other.

Star chart and gematria calculation are analyzed together in astromancy. The obtained results are interpreted to find meanings regarding the events that the person may encounter. For this reason, astromancy cannot exist without the star chart.

Who Can Practice Astromancy?

People who are deeply interested in astrology, who know how to interpret the star chart and the gematria calculation can practice astromancy. For this reason, it is kind of hard to practice compared to other types of fortune-telling. If you are curious about astromancy and want to get yourself a reading, you should look for professionals in this field and get your reading from them. Another way to get astromancy reading is to master it yourself. However, keep in mind that intuition is very important in astromancy, just like in any other fortune-telling method!
If you trust your intuitions and want to master astromancy, then you better start by learning how to interpret a start chart by reading our What Is An Astrological Birth Chart? How To Read It? article.

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