Fortune-Telling: What Is Hydromancy? How It Is Performed?


Have you ever thought that water can tell your fortune? Well, if done correctly, why not? Perhaps this was the question that gave birth to hydromancy or made it popular as one of the most commonly loved and researched topics in fortune-telling. Then, let’s get into detail about hydromancy, which is very intriguing, and learn what it is as well as how to do it!

What Is Hydromancy?

Hydromancy, also known as water-divination, is a type of fortune-telling that requires utmost concentration and clairvoyance (perceiving animate or inanimate objects without the aid of the five senses) compared to other fortune-telling methods. Even so that it is named among the hardest fortune-telling methods around the world. It is also believed that the fortune-teller to perform hydromancy must have a clear heart and highly developed senses.

Who Can Employ Hydromancy?

Hydromancy can be employed by everyone. However, there are specific guidelines as to how to prepare the environment for hydromancy.

What Kind Of Environment Is Needed?

There are some preparations to be done to perform hydromancy. One of the most important preparations is to choose a suitable environment and to prepare it for hydromancy. The environment or location where hydromancy will be performed must have the following features:

  • It should not be too bright.
  • There can be candlelight if desired
  • It must be quiet enough so that the fortune-teller will be able to concentrate easily.
  • There must be nothing in the environment that will distract the fortune-teller.

After the environment is prepared in line with the above points, the hydromancy can begin. So, how is it performed?

How Is Hydromancy Performed?

There are also some rituals that must be absolutely performed before hydromancy. For example, the fortune-teller himself must pour the water to be used in fortune-telling into a bowl or a vessel. The intention comes first, same as in every other fortune-telling method. This means the fortune-teller reveals what they want to learn about. Then, the fortune-teller gathers all concentration and focuses on fortune-telling.

Step by step hydromancy is as follows:

  • Fortune-teller says out loud the name of the thing he wants to learn about, along with the motive (maxim). Then, he starts the fortune-telling.
  • The fortune-teller gathers concentration and communicates with the water.
  • The fortune-teller must not blink during hydromancy and completely focus on the water. The more focused the fortune-teller is, the shorter it will take to see the result.
  • At this stage, the fortune-teller interprets the shapes and symbols he sees.
  • If the shapes in the water match the wishes of the person who is getting the fortune-telling, it means their wishes will come true.
  • If the shapes do not match with their wishes, it means that they will only stay as wishes.

Who Can Perform Hydromancy?

Hydromancy cannot be performed by everyone. If a person wants to perform hydromancy, they must receive approval from someone who does perform hydromancy. After getting approval, they can start learning hydromancy with various readings and practices. If you want to get or even perform hydromancy, you better start looking for hydromancy experts. Start by asking around your circle of friends, maybe you will be able to hear their personal experiences with hydromancy, get valuable advice, or find a good read for a start.
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