Interesting Ways To Use Turkish Coffee


With its exquisite taste and unique smell, the unique Turkish coffee is not just a drink to enjoy. Coffee is a product that has surprising benefits and it can be used in many areas of your life. Especially the coffee grounds that you find on the bottom of your cup after enjoying your Turkish Coffee can be used in various ways, such as a face or skin mask, or to get rid of unpleasant smells in your home.

Now, let’s discover in what interesting ways you can make use of Turkish coffee, other than the happiness radiated by its characteristic flavor, and try for yourself!

Decorative Candles With Pleasant Smells For Your Home

Have you ever thought that you could make a decorative object using Turkish coffee?

Well, yes you can. If you like the smell of Turkish coffee as we do, start collecting those coffee grounds so that you can make your own coffee-scented candles.

Just melt some white candles and add 1-2 coffee spoons of Turkish coffee powder and mix thoroughly. When the wax hardens again and takes the form of a candle, your homemade coffee candles will be ready.

Skin Mask That Smells Deliciously

Turkish coffee mask or Turkish coffee peeling is one of the skincare methods gaining popularity recently. If you have normal skin, drink up your Turkish coffee and rub the coffee grounds on your face or different areas of your skin by using your fingers and waiting for 10 minutes.

If you have dry skin, add 1 coffee spoon of olive oil, honey, or yogurt to the coffee grounds on the bottom of your cup and apply the mixture to your skin. If you have oily skin, mix the coffee grounds with 1 coffee spoon of lemon juice and apply it to your skin, and wait to see how soft it will get. Regardless of which method you use, keep in mind to rinse with warm water as a final step.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells

That wonderful and magical smell of coffee can also be used to get rid of or prevent other, unpleasant smells. For instance, rub your hands with used coffee grounds to get rid of that stubborn smells such as onions or garlic.

Similarly, you can keep a cup of used coffee grounds in the fridge. Put it in the least used compartment of your fridge and you will notice that those unwanted smells will be gone in no time.

Shoo Away The Ants

There are many more uses of Turkish coffee grounds, one of which is as an ant repeller. Put a small bowl of coffee grounds near the areas where the ants are usually roaming around and it will help you drive them away.

Fertilizer For Plants

One of the not so commonly known uses of Turkish coffee is for plants. Thanks to its high acid content, your plants will be growing faster and healthier with used coffee grounds as fertilizer. You can also directly mix the soil with used coffee grounds and prepare yourself a soil mix instead of just throwing the coffee grounds away.

Tasteful Recipes

The taste of coffee is appreciated in recipes all around the world. You can try your favorite recipes with Turkish coffee or create your own delicious secret with it. For example, try dipping the savoiardi into Turkish coffee while making tiramisu, or you can simply just add 1 coffee spoon of Turkish coffee powder into the cake batter or cookie dough.

Remove Stubborn Dirt and Stains

We all know that some stains on pots, pans, or cutting boards can be even more stubborn than the nasty garlic smell on your fingers. In such situations, Turkish coffee will come to your rescue! Rub the coffee grounds on the stubborn stains and rub with the dish sponge. You will be amazed.Besides all these, Turkish coffee can be quite useful in your diet as well. If you want to learn more about the place of Turkish coffee in nutrition, you can read our “The Role of Turkish Coffee in a Balanced Diet” article.

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